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As a Veteran who served in the U.S. Navy, I would feel honored to be able to help you with your mental health needs.

Going on deployment and coming back can be very stressful for the active duty member and the family as they adjust to life with or without dad or mom. Some come home from deployment having suffered physical or emotional trauma resulting in depression, and fears and anxieties, commonly known as PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).

People with Traumatic Brain Injuries may experience changes in mood, personality, and cognition, that appear like Bipolar Disorder but were caused by the trauma to the Frontal and Prefrontal Cortex of your brain. These symptoms come and go and may go unrecognized for some time. They are often mislabeled or treated with antidepressants, which can make matters worse.

It is my goal at Veritas Psychiatry to help you by addressing the mood disorders with medications, words of encouragement, and practical advice on daily living with your loved ones.

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