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Telepsychiatry allows you the option of having appointments with me by video-conference using your laptop, PC, tablet or phone.  Although I prefer in-person appointments, the Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare reported in February 2003 that Telepsychiatry can be as effective in treatment as seeing patients in the office.

Whether you live across state, are housebound by physical disabilities, suffer from severe anxiety, are quarantined due to the CoVid Epidemic, or are unable to drive due to loss of your vehicle or driver’s license, Telepsychiatry provides access to mental health services. Some insurances will pay for these appointments.  When they do not, you can still get the service as a self-pay client . . .or come here in person.  The option is yours.

Michigan allows me to provide these services to people within the State of Michigan.  For those who live across state, an appointment via Telepsychiatry can save you gas money and hours of travel time.  As long as you have internet access via laptop or cell phone with a camera and microphone, you could have your appointment with me from the comfort of your own home, car or private office when necessary.

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